New generation business, technology, efficiency, in-demand service and popular brand is now available to the whole world!


The concept of the business project has been tested by time, the PrimeTime brand has become a trendsetter in the fitness industry, PrimeTime has sold out full halls for more than 5 years. Now it has become available to the whole world and is presented in a new global format, based on the Internet space and IT technologies.

Business without geographic boundaries

Business without burdensome lease of premises

No procurement costs, no storage

Business without product manufacturing

Business that is not afraid of a pandemic, quarantine and self-isolation


The authors of the international fitness project PrimeTime Albina and Nikolay Mayer, which has already opened in 167 cities, have created a new widespread system

All the functionality, the work of employees, materials, the program and the entire business process they take upon themselves, and franchising is given the opportunity to develop business in all cities and countries, using convenient platforms and a wellfunctioning system.



International project, time-tested, proven from the financial point of view and from the point of view of the effectiveness and demand of the client


Payback period 1-3 months


Income from 3.000.000 rubles in year


Opening in 6-8 weeks


Daily support by specialists on all issues


Finished product, business on a turnkey basis


Lack of rent, a large number of employees, purchases, etc.


The ability to do business from any place of the world


The ability to conduct business in an unfavorable epidemiological situation


Unlimited business geography


Unlimited business profitability


1. Use of the PrimeTimeONLINE trademark

2. The finished product is an effective fitness game program

3. Technological Internet platforms for project management

4. Full marketing support at all stages of work

* ready media materials, regular design updates

* promotion plan, only tested methods, guide to the most effective online advertising and setting it up

5. Constant continuous running of a fitness game, the entire program is fully engaged in the project (technical part, training, nutrition, draws, formation of checklists, voting, etc.)

6. Also, each franchisee receives an additional business completely free of charge - the store of branded clothing MayerStore, in which from the turnover of its referral link receives 10% profit, without plunging into production, logistics, etc.


The first platform of the project is

where each franchisee has his own access and his own workspace, where he can track his applications, payments, formed groups, can track the dynamics of results, publish new content, fully control the business from any place of the world.

On the website, program participants record their initial parameters, photographs, monitor the dynamics of the result, receive the most important video series on nutrition from nutritionists, and the website also hosts voting for the best results at the end of each season.

The second high-powered platform of the project is PrimeTime bot

adaptive personal trainer and nutritionist powered by artificial intelligence. Bot tests each participant and, based on his initial data and tasks, forms a diet, giving out a convenient, understandable menu for every day, KNOWINGLY calculated according to the norms of RATIO OF CALORIES, FATS AND CARBOHYDRATES for a specific participant.

Participants take photographs of each meal and send a daily report to the Bot, a link from each day to the full report is passed to the nutrition mentor, who directly controls everything and can make adjustments.

Also, the bot is equipped with incredibly intense and exciting workouts for every weekday. The training program is constantly changing and always diverse. Every day the bot sends the participants a new checklist for the day and this is like an exciting questgame, the project participants note that they did not think that losing weight can be so interesting.

Also in the checklist, participants are given various GAME tasks to increase daily activity with valuable prizes for the best performance.


The franchise includes full support by specialists on all issues:


Lead lawyer of the project - on all legal issues.


Technical Director - for the preparation and management of the project.


Nutritionist - for training and monitoring the coaching staff on the nutritional management of the participants, if the franchisee has its own coach for training and nutrition


Designer - to create unique layouts for each city in a single project style.


IT support on the operation of the site and the PrimeTimeBot platform.


Support by the founders of the project at all stages of work.